Copper Creek Landscaping


We are dedicated to making your landscape project a great experience.


Colorful spring blooms and blazing fall colors are the true highlight of any outdoor space. Our hand selected trees, container plants, ground covers and perennials bring texture, scale and color to your yard while providing a relaxing serene and tranquil environment. Plants provide you with shade, help cool your homes, filter dust and increase the value of your property more than many other investments.


Enhance your project by introducing unique hardscaping materials into your space. From natural stone or pavers to one of many concrete finishes, the aesthetic value each material offers can bring your project to life. Maximizing outdoor entertaining opportunities mean your family can spend much less time indoors.

Outdoor Living

The natural outdoor beauty of the Northwest is one of the many benefits to living in this remarkable area. To many, the most comfortable getaway is at home, so imagine bringing your indoor luxuries outdoors—and sharing the experience with those closest to you. Whether you’re looking for a fireside getaway or an outdoor kitchen under the shelter of a custom pergola, no job is too large for Coppercreek. We can make your outdoor space come alive.


Fire draws people together any time of year—its comforting warmth and dramatic glow are creature comforts that we all enjoy. Whether you choose a gas or wood-burning fire feature, we create unique entertainment attractions that will have your friends and family begging for more s’mores.

Water Features

One of nature’s greatest gifts is the distinct sound of water. These sounds, matched with unforgettable scenery, generate a soothing atmosphere. Water features allow homeowners a way to bring natural elements into their home. Let us turn your home into a retreat: just sit back, listen and enjoy.

Pools and Hot Tubs

Are you someone who can’t get enough of summer, but doesn’t have the time to hit the lake every weekend? Why not bring the lake to your home? If you are looking for a pool, hot tub, or dipping pond, we have the team in place to suit your dream. At Coppercreek we address all the details needed to create a cohesive whole, seamlessly integrating your home and landscape into a water-filled resort.


Do you and your family’s lives revolve around sports? We get it. Offering you the ability to tell us what YOU are looking for, we can design sportscourts unique to your site and to the sport you enjoy to play. We can’t guarantee your kids will be the next top athlete, but we can promise that you will be the neighborhood hangout for years to come!


If you’re looking to enhance your landscape when the sun goes down, nightscaping is for you. Through a variety of applications, our team can develop a lighting scheme to match your budget and taste, specific to your project, illuminating garden paths, trees, structures or your pool with our vast selection of lighting fixtures. If you thought your space looked good during the day…just wait!


Think your landscape dream might be a little bit crazy? Think again! Coppercreek not only specializes in custom design, we encourage our clients to push our creative limits. Let us transform every detail of your landscape, no matter how unique, into a dream come true.